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      Attica Elementary School

500 East Washington Street
Attica, IN  47918

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The following was adopted by the Attica Consolidated School Corporation School Board in the fall and recently added to the AES Student Handbook.  If you have any questions, please contact the office.  Thanks

The tardy bell rings at 8:05 and any student arriving after that bell and before 9:00 will be recorded as being tardy. If a student arrives to school between 9:00-12:30, he/she will be recorded as a half day absent.  Any student arriving after 12:30 will be charged a full day absence. If a student leaves school early, and it is prior to 2:20 p.m., he/she will be recorded as a half day absent. If a student leaves early, and it is after 2:20 p.m., he/she will be recorded as an early dismissal. In attendance matters, an early dismissal will be considered the same as a tardy. 

 At, or around, three unexcused absences, a letter will be sent home stating that your child has 
reached the first stage of the school attendance policy. At this point, a meeting is not mandatory, but can be scheduled by the school or the parents. 

 At, or around, five unexcused days, another letter will be sent home stating that your child has 
reached the second stage of the school attendance policy. A mandatory meeting will be scheduled with administration and parents and an attendance contract will be signed by both parties. During the meeting it will be explained to the parent that if the child should reach seven unexcused absences, the child might be referred to the Fountain County Attendance Initiative Program. 

 At, or around, seven unexcused days, a letter will be sent home stating that your child has reached the final stage of the school attendance policy and the case has been referred to the Fountain County Attendance Initiative Program.


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Medicine Form
If your child needs medicine given while at school please fill out this form and send in with the medicine.
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AES Student Handbook 2013-14


Attica Elementary School is still collecting Box Tops for Education labels. These labels can be found on a wide variety of products and each one helps earn money for our school. The money earned is used on the children. For a full list of participating products, check out the website for Box Tops for Education. For every 25 labels that are returned to school, that child will receive a box top treat along with a ticket that is entered into a monthly drawing. Please help us collect labels this year and spread the word to any neighbors, relatives, etc. that might not have children at AES.

Thanks for your support

Tara Ashley


2013-14 Announcements
Remember to sign in at the office once you are buzzed in the building.  You will be given a visitor's badge to wear during your visit.