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Technology at Attica Schools

Key Documents

The following are important documents for students and their parents or guardians regarding Personal Learning Devices (PLDs) at Attica schools.

The PLD Standards for Proper Care and PLD Use Agreement lays out the school system's expectations both for how every student will care for the device that is assigned to them and also how they will use school technology.  It is an agreement must be entered into in order for each student to be issued their device.  The document must be signed by a parent or guardian.

The two Repair and Protection Plan documents lay out the coverages and year-by-year costs of optional protection plans that families may purchase in order to reduce any financial cost of repairs to a student's PLD due to accidental damage.

The Board Policy establishes the official school bard policies underlying student use of technology at Attica schools.  This document is in many ways the foundation of the other documents.  It may also provide additional insight on the reason for some of the policies that the schools have in place.


Personal Learning Devices

Attica Consolidated School Corporation is a 1:1 school system.  In general, that means that students at every grade level are assigned some kind of personal learning device (PLD) to help incorporate technology into their learning experience and prepare them for the possibility of "e-learning" days, on which the students may be asked to essentially attend class from home.  There are some exceptions, students who may not be issued a school device for some reason, but the basic expectation is as follows:

Elementary School

Students in Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade, are issued an iPad.  These devices are mainly used at school, in the classroom, but may be sent home with students from time to time.

Students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade are issued a Chromebook.  These are mostly used at school, and most days most of the devices are kept at school overnight,  hooked up in a charging cart, so they are ready to go the next day.  Sometimes, especially as they get older, devices may be sent home with students.  These devices typically have two chargers, one that is kept in the cart at school and another than can be sent home with the student as needed.

Junior-Senior High School

Students at every grade level (6th through 12th) are issued a Chromebook.  These devices are  sent home with the students at night.  Students are expected to take proper care of the devices and to keep them charged up overnight so that when they come to school the next morning, the devices will be ready for use in class.  These devices only have one charger; it is issued to the student at the time the device itself is assigned to them. 

Getting Help

If a student needs assistance with technology, there are  a few different ways that can be arranged.

  • In person.  At the elementary school, the first step for a student is to talk with the teacher.  The teacher may then send the student to the "tech room" on the second floor.  At the junior-senior high school, with a teacher's permission or under a teacher's instruction, a student may come find in-person help at the "tech room" (sometimes called, "the RAID room") just off the cafeteria.  Please note that sometimes the people who staff the help desks in these tech rooms are somewhere else in the building, helping someone or working on solving a technical problem.

  • By e-mail.  Any student or parent can send an e-mail to [email protected]com to create a help request ticket automatically in FMX, our school's help desk / service request system.  By creating such a ticket, your request will automatically get into our queue and you will be able to receive updates as we work on assisting you or your student.

  • By phone.  Sometimes it's easier to just talk through what you need.  If that's the case, feel free to give us a call by dialing the schools main number, (765) 762-7000, and then pressing #for the technology department.  You will very likely get voicemail, but please leave a message.  We will check that as soon as we are able and start working on your request.  Someone from the technology support team or your student's teacher will follow up with you as we have progress to report.

Technology Support Team

We currently have a team of three working to support technology at Attica schools.  During the school day, one technician is based primarily out of the elementary school and another is based out of the junior-senior high school.  That staffing is flexible and there is some shifting around and re-balancing as needs arise, but most days that's how we find we work best.  Nick Corduan is the Technology Director.  You may contact him directly by sending an e-mail to [email protected] and he will do his best to get back to you quickly.  During the school day, he teaches at the high school and helps support teachers, staff, and students at both locations, and also works on corporation-wide systems.  While any given day is unpredictable as to where you might find him, he is happy to make an appointment and meet with any student or parent at his office in the administration building.
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