Parking Information


Parking Information

With construction of the new Elementary School building (scheduled to begin on March 3rd), we have to make a slight change to the traffic flow in the existing parking lots of the High School and Administration buildings.  

  • The loop that goes around to the administration building will no longer be accessible and a fence will be put up to close off the construction area.  

  • Parking spaces will be removed and no parking will be allowed in the front row along the grass area.  

  • Buses and vehicles dropping students off will need to go through the parking lot as shown in the diagram to exit.  

  • Visitor and handicap parking will be added to make up for the spots that are being taken out to allow for the change in the flow of traffic.  

  • Procedures for drop off and pick up will not be modified.  Parents picking their students up at the end of the day should continue to pick them up outside the athletic/auditorium area (door 25).

Here is a diagram to further explain these changes:

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